Limited Nursing Services

Limited Nursing Services (LNS)In accordance with AHCA, under LNS pursuant to and in compliance with Section 429.256, F.S., Bayshore Guest Home and Gardens are allowed to render the following services in accordance with 58A-5.031 F.A.C. under the LNS Rules listed in this Addendum.Bayshore Guest Home and Gardens will assist you in finding a third party medical provider who can offer these services should they fall under the Medicare Guidelines.Should they not fall under those guidelines, a Registered Nurse and qualified staff who are licensed to provide these services, shall do so at a charge pursuant to page 3.Upon admittance, you will be assessed by your doctor in conjunction with a Registered Nurse that will enable us to ascertain the level of limited nursing services you require. Our fee is based upon three levels of service, starting with the lowest level of care which would be A.
“A” Level includes the following:
  • Conducting passive range of motion exercise
  • Applying ice caps or collars
  • Applying heat, including dry heat, hot water bottle, heating pad, aqua thermal, moist heat hot compresses, sitz bath and hot soaks
  • Assisting applying, caring for, monitoring the application of anti-embolism stockings

“B” Level includes the following:

  • Performing ear and eye irrigations
  • Conducting a urine dipstick
  • Caring for casts, braces, splints
  • Conducting nursing assessments if conducted / supervised by an RN
  • Administration and regulation of portable oxygen

“C” Level includes the following:

  • Applying and changing routine dressing without packing or irrigation (for abrasions, skin tears and closed surgical wounds)
  • Replacement of indwelling urinary catheter/intermittent urinary characterizations
  • Performing digital stool removal therapies
  • Care for Stage 2 pressure sores
  • For Hospice patients, nursing service permitted within scope of nurse’s licnese, including 24 hour supervision (various services to be assessed for specific resident)
  • Catheter, colostomy, ileostomy care and maintenance

We will assist you in attaining these services from a third party provider:

  • Work rehabilitation
  • Cutting toenails of residents that are diabetic or have circulatory problems
  • Applying, care for and monitoring a transcutaneous electric nerve stimulator (TENS)
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